Working as a Self Employed Personal Trainer under his own business and brand (www.trainwithbrett.co.uk) alongside several local health centres.

    With specialisms in Wellbeing, Fitness, High Intensity Training, Interval training, Circuit sessions, BoxFit, Bootcamps and Certified as a Kettlebell Instructor and Indoor Cycling Coach.

    My business operates out of my own Private Personal Training Studio where I offer consultations regarding lifestyle changes, looking at your current lifestyle habits, exercise habits and general nutritional advice focusing on Body Transformations, losing weight and gaining muscle.

    Previously a Senior Executive Search Recruitment Consultant with a background on a well established Local Government and Financial Services HR, Finance and IT Team in a specialist managed vendor unit. Providing professional career consultancy to HR, Finance and IT contractors within Financial Services and the Public Sector.

    With significant focus on establishing and developing long standing business relationships with candidates, relationship managers, managed vendors and clients in both direct and vendor supplier markets.

    Currently developing projects and keen to discuss any opportunities that involve freelance projects and executive search and resource roles.



    Don't think about doing it - just do it


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    Train with Brett

    Personal Trainer & Wellbeing Advisor Oct 2011 – Present

    Becoming a Level 3 Personal Trainer gave me the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals with varying physical and psychological requirements.

    Some clients were looking simply for guidance over a short period of time, some required expertise to evaluate a large percentage of their lifestyle to align their physical and mental Wellbeing into a activity and wellness routine that included, but was not limited to, exercise activity, nutritional habits, work/life balance, personal and professional relationships and daily routine.

    All of my clients saw varying degrees of success and although all of then we're significant to them and held a professional significance to me; some were life defining.

    Some particular examples include:

    • Assisting a mature client in her 50's to train for a 400km bicycle ride in Cuba over the course of 18 months having not ridden a bike since her early teens
    • Working with one client to successfully assist him in reshaping his entire life to his own design, in the process allowing him to; lose over 4 stones in weight, drop his blood pressure from life-threatening to optimum for his age, evaluate his work life balance, readjust his diet and question some key lifestyle choices that were threatening his life
    • Giving several female clients a focus whilst tackling complicated divorce proceedings; working on self esteem, body image and motivation through a tough time
    • Providing nutritional and fitness advice to 2 young clients suffering from eating disorders, allowing them to regain control of their eating habits, gain weight correctly, safely and in a manner that they were happy with
    • Sign posting 2 clients in their early sixties to reduce the effects of Arthritis - specifically in their ankles, knees and hips allowing them to negotiate stairs effectively and even take up dance classes

    Regularly worked with between 18 to 32 clients, on a one-to-one basis, once, twice, three and even four times a week.


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     United Kingdom